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Queensway Chambers is a set of barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong established in November 2015. Its founding members and Co-heads of Chambers are Mr. Shahmim K. Khattak (Kelly Lam) and Mr. Yip Wing San Roy Bowie, Barristers-at-Law of the HKSAR. Kelly is a specialist in criminal matters, having appeared at all levels of criminal courts. He has ample experience in jury trials and criminal appeals. Bowie is a general practitioner with empahsis and experience in a diverse range of civil matters including mediation.

Queensway Chambers champions diversity and fraternity. It provides legal services of broad nature, and continues to welcome members of the bar with any seniority and specialisations to join, thus aiming to create a diverse pool of legal talents.

How do barristers in Hong Kong work?

In Hong Kong, the legal profession is divided into two streams: solicitors and barristers. Barristers are specialists in courtroom advocacy. They appear in court to argue and fight for their clients’ legal interests. In addition, different barristers may have special in-depth knowledge about a particular legal subject, such as criminal law, personal injuries, matrimonial matters, property law, public law etc. They can provide professional and comprehensive advice on a particular legal matter.

Barristers in Hong Kong are self-employed. Each barrister is independent in his/her practice, but they often join with one another to form a set of barristers’ chambers, sharing expenses for their practice, such as rental expenses, secretarial support, legal textbooks etc.

Generally speaking, a person seeking legal services should first approach a law firm where solicitors practise. If necessary, the solicitor will further instruct a barrister for his/her legal services on particular aspects of the case (e.g. legal advice, conduct of legal proceedings etc.)

For inquiries, please contact us at admin@queenswaychambers.com